Tactonic Technologies, LLC was formed in October 2010 to develop and commercialize a new pressure imaging technology.

Charles Hendee—CEO/CTO/Co–Founder

Charles Hendee, CTO, is an authority in touch sensor technology. He has worked as research scientist at the NYU Media Research Laboratory (MRL) under Dr. Ken Perlin prior to joining Tactonic full time. At the MRL he managed projects in the field of User Interface Devices and Multi-touch Interaction Devices. Mr. Hendee was also a founding member at TouchCo, Inc. where he was responsible for the design and manufacturing of touch sensitive sensors based on customer requirements. He also created and tested user interactive designs and he was part of the business development team. Mr. Hendee has co-authored several peer reviewed publications and presentations.

Ken Perlin—Chief Scientific Advisor/Co–Founder

Chief Science Advisor, is a luminary in the fields of computer graphics and user interfaces including the prestigious SIGGRAPH Computer Graphic Achievement Award. He is currently a professor at NYU and director of the Media Research Lab. In addition to his contributions to the Tactonic Sensor technology, he was a co-inventor of the UnMousepad/IMPAD technology which was developed at NYU. IMPAD is a different and unrelated pressure sensing technology than is used in Tactonic sensors. Through 2009, he continued as an advisor to TouchCo, an independent company that was spun out of NYU to commercialize the UnMousePad technology.

Gerry Seidman—Member of the Board of Directors & Founding CEO

Gerry Seidman, the founding CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Tactonic Technologies, is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of startup experience, both on the technical and management/executive side, including 8 years as CEO and founder of Internet Access Methods where he oversaw the development of Internet Of Things technologies, Google Doc-like real-time collaboration applications and distance presentation/education technologies. He regularly speaks on Technology and Business Issues at conferences, most recently in the Touch and Interactivity sector. Directly prior to founding Tactonic, Mr. Seidman lead the architectural design and implementation of the 'Reading Experience' for Barnes and Noble's Nook product line for Android Phones and Tablets.