News and Events

CHI 2014, Toronto, Ca, April 2014:
Mechanical Force Redistribution: Enabling Seamless, Large-Format, High-Accuracy Surface Interaction

SAE World Congress, Detroit, MI, April 2014:
Solid State HMI Control using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

Bloomberg BusinessWeek - Innovation Highlight, March 2014
Innovation: Floor Tiles That Can Monitor the Health of the Elderly

PRN.FM: A Woman's Perspective with Virginia Reed, March 2014
Our Health seen through Gait and Balance

Newsweek - Sports and Technology, February 2014
Last Call for Bad Calls

FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, February 2014:
Mechanical Force Redistribution (MFR) Pressure Sensing Films

IDTechEx: Printed and Flexible Sensors 2014-2024: Technologies, Players, Forecasts
Features Tactonic Technologies

IHS Interactive Technology Summit, San Jose, CA. October 2013:
Touch and Intentionality

SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Symposium, Dearborn, MI, October 2013:
Intentionality-Focused Solid State HMI Control using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

SID Display Week, Touch-Gesture-Motion Track, May 2013:
Touch Technologies on and off the Screen

Daily Planet / Digit@l - Discovery Channel, May 2013
Daily Planet / Digit@l with Lucas Cochran

Printed Electronics & Intelligent Packaging Symposium, Clemson, May 2013:
Sensible Surfaces and Interactive Products

Tech News Daily, May 2013:
New Tech Transforms Any Surface into Touchpad

Printed Electronics Europe, Berlin, April 2013:
Mechanical Interpolation for Cost Effective and Continuous Surface Sensing

Marketplace APM/NPR Interview, David Brancaccio, April 2013
Article and Audio

Future Interfaces New York, February 2013
NYC Media Lab / Razorfish

NY Tech Meetup, New York, February 2013
(Presentation video available here)

FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, February 2013:
Touch Technology for any Size: New Application Opportunities

Touch-Gesture-Motion Conference, Austin, December 2012:
Future of Touch

SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces, October 2012:
Automotive Touch Interaction

SID DisplayWeek, Boston, June 2012:
Touch 2.0 Presentation