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SAE World Congress, April, 2014:
Solid State HMI Interaction Using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

IHS Interactive Technology Summit, October 2013:
Surface Interaction Everywhere

SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Symposium, October 2013:
Intentionality-Focused Solid State HMI Control Using Pressure Sensing Surfaces

SID Display Week, Touch-Gesture-Motion Track, May 2013:
Touch Technologies on and off the Screen

FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, February 2013:
Touch Technology for any Size: New Application Opportunities

Touch-Gesture-Motion Conference, Austin, December 2012:
Future of Touch

SID DisplayWeek, Boston, June 2012:
Touch 2.0 Presentation

Embedded Videos from Presentations

Tactonic Sensor

Tactonic Hand Tiles

Tactonic Floor Tiles

Tiling Tactonic Sensor

Durable/Floor/Walking Sensor

Linearity and Writing

Reflective Flexible Tactonic Touch Display

Courtesy of
Plastic Logic

Emitting Flexible Tactonic Touch Display

Courtesy of the Flexible Display Center at ASU

Smart Wristband